March, 2016
Shanghai, Beijing, Xi'an and Chengdu


JEDEC had a meeting in Shanghai in March, 2016. Helen and I thought this would be a great opportunity to tour China. On our "must see" list were the Great Wall, the Terracotta Soldiers and to see some pandas. This meant we needed to visit Beijing, Xi'an (pronounced "She Ann") and Chengdu. Of course, since the JEDEC meeting was in Shanghai, we would see the sights there.

One potential problem we had was what to do with all of our luggage while we were on tour. Since this was a business trip and Charles was responsible for the equipment needed for the meeting and we had a lot. The total amounted to two roll-aboard suitcases for JEDEC, then Helen and I each had a roll-aboard suitcase. We also had one shoulder bag and one backpack. We did not want to be lugging all of this equipment while on tour. Fortunately, the China Technology Association, CTA (formerly Consumer Electronics Association, CEA), has an office in Shanghai. The JEDEC office was able to make arrangements for me to leave the equipment with them while on tour.

Usually, the JEDEC equipment is shipped to the meeting, however, in China, they do not have a customs category for equipment arriving for a meeting and then being returned. Our freight forwarded HIGHLY recommended we bring the equipment in as personal luggage. Helen and I checked our personal roll-aboards and carried the roll-aboards with the JEDEC equipment on board the plane. This worked out quite well and all the equipment arrived in good condition.

Here was our schedule while in China:

This is a map of the places we visited in China. We started in Shanghai, which is in the South East (lower right) corner. From there, we went to Beijing, about 1,000 miles away, in the North East (upper right) corner. After Beijing, we went to Xi'an, in the center of the map. Our next stop was Chengdu, in the South West (lower left) corner. We then returned to Shanghai.

Wednesday, March 2: Arrival in Shanghai

Our non-stop flight from San Francisco to Shanghai was 11 hours. We arrived in Shanghai a little after 6 PM. By the time we cleared immigration and custioms and had our luggage, it was a little after 7 PM. We decided to take the Magnetic Levitation train, instead of the normal train. The Maglev cost about $7 per person and it takes about 10 minutes to get to downtown Shanghai. The regular train is much less, at around $1, however, it is a 30 minute trip to downtown. We were tired and wanted to get to our hotel and go to bed.

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The Maglev travels at 300 Kilometers per hour, which is about 186 MPH. We thought this was really fast, however, we found out later they are doing some maintenance on the track so they were going a bit slower. The nomal speed is 400 KPH, which is about 250 MPH.

Notice how few people were on the train. Most of the people take the cheaper train. This was nice as we could stretch out and not worry about being crowded by other people.

Thursday - Sunday, March 3 - 6: Free days in Shanghai

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Getting around Shanghai was really easy. There are 13 subway lines in the city, so all areas were easily accessible.

Points of interest:

  • Pudong International Airport is in the lower right. It is the last stop on the number 2 line (green).
  • The Fish Inn, our first and last hotel while in China, is also on the number 2 line (green) in the center of the map at the Nanjing Rd.(E) station. This is also the location of the famous Bund district.
  • The second hotel we stayed at, the Hilton, which was the one where the JEDEC meetings were held, is near the Longxi Rd station on the number 10 line (light purple) on the left side of the map.
  • The fantastic acrobatics show we attended was at the Shanghai Circus World station on the number 1 line (red) just above the the center of the map.
  • The infamous Shanghai Spinning Market, which is where all the good deals can be found on custom made clothing is located near the Nanpu Bridge station on the number 4 line (dark purple) which circles the city center. It is near the bottom right of the number 4 line.

Click on the map to get the full size. Opens in a new window.

Monday - Thursday, March 7 - 10: JEDEC meeting

Friday, March 11: Free day in Shanghai

Saturday, March 12: Travel, by high speed train, to Beijing

Sunday, March 13: Beijing; Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Hutong bicycle ricshaw tour

Monday, March 14: Mutianyu; Walk along the great wall and a visit to the Summer Palace

Tuesday, March 15: Beijing; Free day

Wednesday, March 16: Beijing: Morning free; afternoon travel to Xi'an by high speed train

Thursday, March 17: Xi'an: See the Terracotta Warriors

Friday, March 18: Friday, March 18: Xi'an: 1/2 day free; Afternoon fly to Chengdu

Saturday, March 19: Chengdu: Free day

Sunday, March 20: Chengdu: Go to the Panda research center

Monday, March 21: Chengdu: Morning free; Afternoon fly to Shanghai

Tuesday, March 22: Shanghai: Free day

Wednesday, March 23: Return to USA